Bulletins & Products

RSMC, New Delhi prepares and disseminates the following bulletins.

Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Weather Outlook is issued daily at 0600 UTC based on 0300 UTC observations in normal weather for use of the member countries of WMO/ESCAP Panel. This contains description of synoptic systems over north Indian Ocean along with information on significant cloud systems as seen in satellite imageries and ridge line at 200 hPa level over Indian region.

Special Tropical Weather Outlook, in addition to tropical weather outlook, a special weather outlook is issued at 1500 UTC based on 1200 UTC observations when a tropical depression lies over north Indian Ocean.

The special tropical outlook and tropical weather outlook indicates discussion on current location & intensity, past movement various diagnostic and prognostic parameters 120 hours track and intensity forecast and associated adverse weather and sea condition from the stage of deep depression forecast. The track and intensity forecast are issued for +06, +12, +18, +24, +36, +48, +60, +72, +84, +96, +108 and +120 hours or till the system is likely to weaken into a low pressure area from the stage of deep depression onwards. It also includes the description of current location & intensity and past movement description of satellite imageries. The time of issue of this bulletin is HH+ 3 hours. The format of the bulletin is given below.