Present Organisational Structure

Cyclone Warning Division

As per one of the recommendations of the Cyclone Review Committee (CRC), a Cyclone Warning Directorate co-located with RSMC Tropical Cyclones New Delhi was established in 1990 in the Office of the Director General of Meteorology, New Delhi to co-ordinate the cyclone warning work in the country in totality.


With the establishment of the additional Centres at Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam, the Storm Warning Centres at Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai were named as Area Cyclone Warning Centres (ACWC) and the Storm Warning Centres at Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar and Ahmedabad as Cyclone Warning Centres (CWC). CWCs Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar and Ahmedabad function under the control of the ACWCs-Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai respectively. M. C. Hyderabad liaises between CWC Visakhapatnam and Andhra Pradesh Government officials; warnings issued by CWC Visakhapatnam are sent to M. C. Hyderabad also for briefing the Andhra Pradesh Government officials at the State Capital.

The present organisational structure for cyclone warnings is a three-tier one, with the ACWCs/CWCs actually performing the operational work of issuing the bulletins and warnings to the various user interests, while the cyclone warnings (Directorate) New Delhi and the Deputy Director General of Meteorology (Weather Forecasting), through Weather Central, Pune coordinates and guides the work of the ACWCs/CWCs, exercises supervision over their work and takes necessary measures for continued improvement and efficiency of the storm warnings system of the country as a whole. The ultimate responsibility for operational storm warning work for the respective areas however, rests with the ACWCs and CWCs.